The gold standard in non-surgial cosmetic treatments

Peche is Brisbane’s leading Medispa founded by registered nurse Miranda Kayton who brings over a decade of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Our mission is to make top-tier, non-surgical aesthetic and therapeutic treatments more readily available to men and women in a safe, private, and relaxing environment meant to promote well-being.

We take pride in the competence of our aestheticians/clinicians as well as our ability to offer our clients the latest technologies in a dynamic and ever-changing industry.

The Peche experience begins with a free consultation to discuss potential treatments from a global perspective – one that considers the whole person and his or her overall health and beauty goals.

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fat freezing cryolipolysis


Second Generation Cryolipolysis
Clatuu Fat Freezing is the ultimate solution to reduce stubborn fat. It is the most technologically advanced system available today that permanently kills up to 30% of fat cells per 1 hour session.

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peche skin tightening


Radio frequency skin tightening is a non-surgical heat energy treatment that firms and rejuvenates the skin on the face and body with noticeable results after just one session.

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cellulite treatment brisbane


Reduce or remove cellulite with non-invasive cosmetic solutions that combine radiofrequency and cavitation technologies for safe and effective body contouring.

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fat cavitation


Low frequency ultrasound is a safe, simple, and painless procedure that uses sound waves to flush fat from the body naturally and without surgical intervention.

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ultherapy brisbane


The Micro Focused Ultrasound device Ulfit is the newest breakthrough for non-surgical face lifting, tightening and contouring.

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anti wrinkle injections & dermal fillers


Enjoy visibly younger, vibrant, and rejuvenated skin instantly while restoring your skin’s natural balance of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

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